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LED technology





The light of the future


Energy saving light bulbs are a health hazard


Energy saving lamps (compact fluorescent lamps) are highly dangerous because they contain mercury. Children, adults and elderly people know nothing about it and use these bulbs carelessly. A scientist gived name for this bulbs  "Poison Gas Plant" and ugly "environmentally friendly light makers".  It is hard to believe what contamination hazards we  have exposed ourselves to with this. No insurance pays if you endanger your life, and especially the lives of your children.

save electricity

Save up to 90% of the current electricity consumption for lighting power. It sounds sensational, but by using the most modern LED lighting technology it is actually quite normal and possible!


Modern LED lamps, are of course designed to fit the as normal light bulbs: they fit into the existing versions of the old lamps - and yet they offer so much more: Different light colors for example (warm light, daylight, cold light), but above all an adequate light output while using only 10-20 percent of the previous power consumption.


Even more: Modern LED bulbs last up to 100 times longer than conventional bulbs. Save three times more: The electricity costs are significantly lower, you never  have to replace the bulbs, so there are no replacement costs, and you do not need an electrician  as often or to get on a ladder yourself!


Cold light and hot technology


The color of the light is giving you feeling of life and safety 

Warm light that you are used to is the good old light bulb. Warm light is red or yellowish.


If you have photographed in the light of "energy saving lamps", then you know the "wrong" colors you have behind in the photo. However, LED bulbs have a pleasant "warm white"!


Daylight is "colder" than the familiar incandescent light. In the living area the daylight quality is now rare. Housewives appreciate this light in the kitchen: they can work perfectly and safely. Daylight quality is also preferred in the workplace: Attention and concentration are better, and premature fatigue can be avoided!


In industrial and commercial space "cold light"  is predominantely used. This light color is slightly bluer and looks cooler but the perceived amount of light is greater - one feels a greater brightness. The orientation capability is improved.


The consequences: higher concentration, less fatigue, less accidents. Therefore, particularly suitable for use in industrial and commercial space. We also offer tubes in various sizes and designs that are used for specific needs. And of course in industrial quality, that is, with 30,000 or 50,000 hours durability (manufacturer's data).



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