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Discontinued Products, dust and water build up thick dust over time which may clot the execution system completely. The daily dust and the constant use of the expensive cooling system clogs the air circulation honeycomb. Our professionals clean it thoroughly, quickly and professionally. The Mopro basic cleaning (milk products refrigerated cabinets basic cleaning)   is performed after closing time (at night), so that the sale is not disturbed.


The procedure of the milkproducts refrigerated cabinets basic cleaning is:


·Our professionals will take out the products and put them back in the exact order

·Basic cleaning of disassembled refrigerated section

·Cleaning the condensator

·Basic cleaning of the condensate basin and the associated outflows

·Cleaning of the  honeycomb air-conductive

·Cleaning of the fan motors

·Replacement of the price bars


 Checklist of work carried out

  • In a bakery -from all manufacturers - the following elements are cleaned:
  • All bread shelf elements
  • Bread cutting machine
  • Insect-O-Cuter
  • Crumb trays
  • Glass roofs (interior & exterior)
  • Ventilation grille
  • Interior frames
  • Panels and struts
  • Underframes
  • Floor
  • Preparation table
  • Sink

When cleaning is finished, the residues are disposed 



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